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We put in our best efforts for patient care and work with their families to ensure consistent physical and mental health during treatment and afterwards. Our programs are designed after sound research and studies, to reinstate their positive impact on the community.  

We conduct Cancer Awareness Programmes (CAP) in several areas of Ernakulam including corporate and residential associations. Our campaigns and programmes are aimed at raising awareness of cancer prevention and other pertinent issues related to the disease. 

We believe that every citizen must be aware of the particularities of the disease that can help people and patients navigate cancer in the most confident and mindful ways. Our objective is to reach the maximum number of people possible. 

‘Walk with Canserve’ [walkathon] and ‘Locks of Hope’ [hair donation event] saw a huge rush of participants along with celebrities joining the events. 

How do we understand awareness?

  1. Personal level: Awareness begins at the individual level – being aware of our own bodies and going for regular medical check-ups and mammography tests.
  2. Lifestyle choices: Knowledge about one’s lifestyle choices and the factors that can lead to cancer.
  3. Friends and families: Understanding and accepting that cancer can happen to any of your friends or family members.
  4. Charitable organisations and centres: Awareness also involves knowing whom to reach out to when in need of support.

Canserve Community

Awareness camps

We conduct awareness camps across various age groups by approaching schools, colleges and the general public. As cancer can be an unexpected encounter for anyone, irrespective of their age, we strive to educate various age groups about cancer care, chemotherapy and every aspect of the disease

Public events

We organise public events like walkathons, musical performances, flash mobs, hair donation camps etc. that guarantee large public gatherings. Organising public events through social and cultural performance has helped Canserve to reach out to a wider demographic and create awareness


One of our successful public events is ‘Walk with Canserve’ which seeks to address various types of cancer and the need to diagnose it as early as possible. Walkathons also seek to promote solidarity among cancer patients, cancer survivors, friends, family caregivers and the general public. Organising walkathons has helped in raising awareness among the participants as well as people in the city

Hair Donation

The chemotherapy phase can be a stressful stage for many cancer patients and survivors. This stage can affect people at different levels and Canserve seeks to recognise the hardships surrounding cancer by organising hair donation events. We also understand that each journey is unique and distinct and therefore, strive to recognize the uniqueness through a thoughtful and sensitive approach.

Canserve recognises the needs.


  1. Financial aid for chemotherapy and radiation
  2. Counselling sessions for cancer patients and families
  3. Free mammograms, tests, check-ups, CT scans
  4. Wigs at a nominal rate and free-of-cost breast prosthetics to patients
  5. Coverage for a significant part of cancer treatment 
  6. Medicines at a nominal cost or for free

With Canserve, you are never alone.
We hope to support you in every way possible.

About Us

Canserve is a charitable organisation working meticulously towards spreading cancer awareness.


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